Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 3.004: I'm not fussy, but...

I'm not fussy, but...I do like my meat to taste meaty. Just one of the things I discovered on my visit to Five Guys Burgers and Fries after work today. They did not disappoint - I had a very tasty burger, but conversation turned to other burgers and in particular the burger-as-an-excuse-for-toppings. I like toppings, but fundamentally if I'm going to eat meat, I like it to be worthwhile.

I'm not fussy, but...I did get to meet Mr Fussy himself, the Profussor, Daniel B. In fact is was thanks to him and his FUSSYlittleBLOG that I was at Five Guys today.  You should read the post that explains the situation - it is the wonderfully entitled One Minute Per Guy - great stuff.  The meal was indeed, as the sign behind us reads, the "BEST BARGAIN" - being entirely free to us all. Daniel paid for it using a letter from the area manager in response to a complaint.  The letter was clearly intended for this very purpose, but did elicit a fair amount of discussion amongst the staff when he presented it.  Daniel's other guest was Sarah M., a regular commenter on several area blogs as well as arguably his biggest fan.  We had tasty burgers, a mountain of fries and good conversation - actually we had to bring our own conversation as that was not included with the complaint-resolution package.  Not surprisingly, the talk was much about food and drink in their many forms and also about quirks of the local area - as all three of us are fairly recent arrivals from distant places - albeit from very different ones.

I'm not fussy, but...if a four-leaf clover is lucky, how unlucky do you have to be to get a two-leaf clover?  As we were leaving, Sarah asked us how to get from A to B - well, from somewhere beyond A to somewhere beyond B in this case, I told her, "Just go down here and turn right onto I-90 West".  Wrong.  But seriously, you're driving on the right and you want to make a right turn onto the right-hand side of a road on your right.  You simply don't expect to have to turn left across oncoming traffic.

I missed the turn and had to do a U-turn a bit further on.  As I was doing it I spotted that she was making the same manoeuvre. Sorry Sarah!


  1. That junction reminds me of a particularly lovely clover leaf near us - don't you miss the A14 Girton interchange?! Travelling west is especially interesting! Well maybe you don't, but it seems you have something to replace it. N

  2. Thank you for coming out last night. I had a great time, and enjoyed meeting you and Sarah.

    One of the things I love about Five Guys is just how beefy their burgers taste. Last night while driving home (and also getting a wee bit turned around) I enjoyed the nice beefy afterglow.

    It's a shame that their fries weren't up to par, but good conversation and company can make up for a lot.

    And if you ever need a last minute rock band fill-in, feel free to give me a call.

  3. Last night was so fun! Thanks for mentioning your u-turn-- I was worried that my ability to follow verbal directions had been impaired by the bacon burger.

  4. N: It may have confused me last night, but it is nowhere near as insane as the Girton interchange!

    Daniel: Thanks again and yes, we must Rock sometime!

    Sarah: Time for someone to wax lyrical about bacon-impaired driving perhaps :-)


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