Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 3.014: Follow, follow, follow, follow

We found ourselves this morning with a bit of sunshine and a bit of time for a local walk but a little short on ideas (steady on with the short jokes...!) Exile #2 remembered this article and so, with our Wizard of Oz loving girls (and E5N1) in tow, we went in search of the Yellow Brick Road.

And we found it - or what is left of it.

From the parking lot next to this disused bridge where some of the yellow bricks are still visible, we took the Normansville Farm Hiking Trail along the bank of Normanskill.

The trail was a bit icy in places:

but gave some good views of the creek and its melting ice:

A section of the old yellow-brick road on the far side of the bridge has been restored, but somehow lacks the charm of the real thing:

Give it a hundred years or so to wear-in!

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