Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 3.006: Cat walk?

This evening we have been at a 7th birthday party for one of the girls' school friends. Her mother has something of a reputation for organising amazing theme parties and today was no exception. For the first half of the evening, after the initial phase of arriving, going out into the screened porch to see the amazing cake (or in E5N1's case to say hello to the cat), there was a very civilised adults and babies party going on on the ground floor whilst down in the basement all the girls were supervised into creating some amazing dresses out of over-sized white T-shirts (there were some boys somewhere upstairs playing video games). Some of the girls were brave enough to parade their creations in a little fashion show - most very briefly or timidly - others declined.

The party seemed overrun with Brits - someone said there were seventeen of us - quite a sizeable minority at least. It's a funny old world.

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