Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2.357: One light too many?

It's been cold, windy and occasionally snowing here today. Tonight it has turned bitterly cold, wildly windy and there are rumours of some significant snow.

During the evening, we took the chance to drive through the 'Holiday Lights' in Washington Park in Albany on the last night before they pack up. The kids had a great time interpreting the scenes that were rendered in join-the-dots style, and so now you can join in the fun. I took a few reasonable pictures which I may well share in due course, but this was the first one I took - before I remembered to switch off the flash. It ended up quite attractive I think. Can you tell what the lights I was trying to capture were depicting?


  1. i still think it's weird we've both ended up living in places called Albany. Our's is a little warmer than your's at the moment though.

    can't help you on the photo though i'm afraid.

  2. Yes - I think 'weird' is a reasonable observation considering the thousands of miles we've moved in almost opposite directions.

  3. I'm thinking a pear tree, though I can't see a partridge!

  4. Very good Andy P - as you can now see.


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