Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 3.013: Slip-over

Exile #3 had one of her friends here for a sleep-over last night. It went very well - they even got some sleep (both electing to sleep in sleeping bags on inflatable mattresses on Exile #3's bedroom floor). This morning, we took all four kids for a walk at Five Rivers. It was cold - despite the general warming trend which is set to cause problems with flooding when we get a load of rain tomorrow - and very slippery under-foot in places. All three of the girls slipped over at least once I think.

When we got back, we lit a fire and this evening we watched the third Harry Potter film on DVD beside it.  At times we wondered if it had been a bit too much for the kids as all three of them had scared moments, but in the end E5N1 was pointing a piece of K'Nex at the TV and confidently shouting "Expecto Patronum!"  As Exile #2 observed to me afterwards, he's having a much less cosseted upbringing than his sisters.

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