Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 3.020: See nearly everything

I may have mentioned that it has turned quite cold. This morning, despite the nearly non-existent snow cover it was definitely winter outside. The nearest official temperature measurement as we were getting up was -2°F (-19°C). The girls managed to make it outside for a bit of a run around, but we felt the need to find an indoor activity, so after lunch we headed to CMOST (The Children's Museum of Science and Technology).

It had changed quite a bit since I was last there (certainly more than a year ago) and so had the kids. E5N1 wanted to do everything once he woke up having fallen asleep on the way and Exile #3 can now read well enough to tackle the weather forecast auto-cue. Of course, Exile #4 cannot yet but wanted to have a go. Her sister came up with a solution.

Here they are putting it into practice in front of the green-screen and you can see a clip of each of their performances below.

This evening we found a parcel containing Christmas presents from the UK posted on December 1st on our doorstep. Having ridden the crisis it caused on the day, we had given up any hope of seeing it, so its safe arrival so long after its sister parcels posted at the same time is an extraordinary (and delightful) surprise.


  1. "When is it my turn!" Oh, sisters.

  2. Ha ha - yeah we do hear that from time to time!


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