Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 2.365: Three years young

How do you celebrate the third birthday of photograph-laden documenting of a foreign sojourn?

Well, firstly, you ask, "What are we celebrating exactly?" I broke it down as follows:

'Documenting' = HISTORY
'Photograph-laden' = ART
'Third birthday' = ACTING LIKE LITTLE KIDS

So, we went to the Albany Institute of History & Art and did puppet shows and walked around wearing silly hats:

Actually, Exile #2 had been wanting to go to this museum for a while and today was the day. Well, it made our shortlist of two destinations and knowing our record, I was just checking the websites to see if they were open and found that today was free-admission day, so it instantly became our first choice.

The galleries were great - it was quiet when we arrived half-an-hour after the 12 noon opening time. There was, however, not much to hold E5N1's attention for long (it's a be quiet and don't touch sort of place) and Exile #4 had limited stamina for it too. Exile #3 as a voracious reader finds such places quite diverting these days. It was also the first place I'd been to in a while with a no-photography (even for personal use) rule in the main galleries. Having said that, it is a very nicely put-together little museum with lots of interesting items presented in a very approachable way. We all enjoyed it

In the end, we retreated to the 'Museum Explorers' (Kids) room where touching, mild-exuberance and photography were all permitted and got on with celebrating our inner three-year-olds.

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